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Recognizing women for the National Women’s History Month by observing the contributions these women have made to the workforce in Dubois County throughout the years.

Working in the local media sector is Kathy Tretter, Editor & Publisher of the Ferdinand News and Radio Traffic Director for DC Broadcasting Inc., Charlene Leistner.

National Women’s History Month can be traced back to March 8th of 1857, when women from New York City factories staged a protest over working conditions. Women’s history month was later recognized in 1987 by Congress.

The History Center in Tomkins County,  described that women were more likely to learn typing skills with the first mass production of typewriters called the Sholes and Glidden. With this writing instrument women were more visible in the office environment and the use of the typewriter considerably opened up the workforce.


Leistner, began working with DC Broadcasting company back in 1976 working as a part-time receptionist just a year after Radio Station WBDC first hit the Dubois County airwaves.

Leistner shares her experience starting out with early technology at a local media entity.

In her current role for the company she is the Traffic Director for WBDC, WAXL, & WRZR radio.
Leistner, says being around a multimedia company, she finds it interesting and that there’s something new everyday with the ever changing technology.

She adds that individuals interested in media should encourage themselves to start somewhere since there is a variety of jobs within a company that work parallel to each other to produce what’s aired on the radio.


The first newspaper issued in Dubois County was the American Eagle, published in 1846, according to the article-The Germans of Dubois County, Their Newspapers, Their Politics, and Their Part in the Civil War by Elfrieda Lang.

60 years later the Ferdinand News was founded in 1906. Kathy Tretter and her family purchased the paper in 1990.

Tretter has been in her current role for about 26 years with the Ferdinand News, before that she worked in radio.

Tretter offers advice for future journalist looking to join the field.

Tretter says that if you like to write continue doing so as the work gets easier especially if you have a passion for it.

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