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The City of Huntingburg has received a $200,000 grant from Radius Indiana’s Regional Impact Fund for the 4th Street Heritage Trail project.

The grant allows the City to preserve elements in the design that celebrate the historical significance of the downtown, while modernizing certain aspects, all of which received approval from the Indiana State Historical Review Board last year.

In a release Huntingburg mayor Denny Spinner says city officials are grateful to the Regional Impact Fund committee for recognizing the significance of the 4th Street Heritage Trail project and the effect it will have, both locally and regionally, as a destination attraction.

Spinner called Radius a tremendous partner, and says the city is very much appreciative of their investment in Huntingburg.

Jeff Quyle, CEO and president of Radius Indiana says Radius’s Regional Impact Fund allows for a multitude of projects and improvements to happen in their region.

Quyle added that a critical element of the project was the leverage of the Radius Impact Fund against a much larger amount of outside funds from multiple sources. He says the Radius Impact Fund is a funder of last resort and was pleased to see how much the City had done to achieve success before they came to the fund.

Quyle says quality of place enhancements have become such a large part of economic development, and says it’s great news for Huntingburg to make the investment. He says they are excited to see their community bring this project to life.

Milestone Contractors, L.P. was awarded the bid at the City Council meeting on Tuesday. Project details will be forthcoming.

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