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A crowd of about 150 business, community and organization leaders gathered Thursday for the Annual IU Economic Forecast Luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club of Jasper.

The luncheon is an up-to-date forum with opinions regarding the world, national, state, and local economic outlook of 2019 and beyond.

Economic panelists with Indiana University voiced predictions and concerns on topics from the national deficit to stock trends and how the I-69 Corridor is proceeding.

Charles Trzcinka with the Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, shared insight into year over year earnings which shows the productivity of companies that make and sell products…

Trzcinka noted that 2018 was a strong year and so the year over year earnings being lower in 2019 is not a bad sign of the market.

Bill Witte, co-director of the Center for Econometric model research and a retired economic’s professor from IU, shared the outlook for the national economy highlighting his past forecast along with his estimations and predictions for 2019.

Witte talks about how the possible trade war outcome could effect the economy…

The third speaker from I.U., Ryan Brewer, associate professor of finance at I.U., notes the State of Indiana is an early indicator for the national economy.

And finally to round out the days presentations was Ed Cole, President of Dubois County Strong a local public-private partnership that aims at fostering economic growth.

Cole spoke to the crowd on the significant progress that was made in 2018 on the Midstate Corridor. Cole spoke of the E-I-S which is the next step forward…

Dubois County is a region hub which draws a net gain of workers into the county on a daily basis…Ed Cole explains…

18 WJTS TV will air the Jasper Rotary Club I.U. Economic Forecast Luncheon this Monday evening February 25th at 8pm EST following the WJTS local news and again on Sunday March 3rd at 2pm EST.

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