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Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the State Fire Marshal are urging Hoosiers to practice fire safety due to the recent abnormally dry conditions.

Even if your county is not under a burn ban, Hoosiers should always remember to:

  • Make sure a fire extinguisher or source of water is available to put out a fire quickly before it gets out of hand
  • Check the forecast. Weather can change in a split second. A sudden gust of wind could cause burning debris to catch on fire.
  • Build bonfires away from powerlines, overhanging tree limbs, rotten stumps, shrubs, dry grass, and leaves.
  • Build bonfires in areas with gravel or dirt at least 10 feet in all directions
  • Keep all flammable objects at least 15 feet away from the burn site.

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture also encourages farmers to take precautions.

During dry conditions in the harvest season, coupled with hot farm equipment, increases the risk for farm-related fires.

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