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The Branchville Correctional Facility is taking new steps to keep inmates and staff safe after a recent outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

48 new cases were reported at the facility between Monday and Friday this week. 89 cases were reported in the facility last week.

One offender is receiving treatment at a local hospital. The other offenders are being monitored by the Branchville Medical Unit with daily health screenings and temperature checks.

Six dormitories at the facility currently house 1,533 men. Each dorm is being cohorted as a group to prevent the spread of the virus.

Those who were exposed to the virus or have symptoms are immediately tested and screened by medical staff. If a positive case is identified, the individual is moved to a separate dormitory.

Both new offenders and those returning from court-ordered appearances are quarantined for 14 days with daily health screenings and temperature checks before returning to or being assigned to a dormitory.

All areas of the facility are being cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. All staff members and offenders are required to wear face masks.

All meals are being delivered to each offender to restrict movement in the dormitories. When it is safe to do so, the meal service will resume in the dining facility.

To help keep the community safe, men who are approaching their release date are quarantined and monitored for 14 days prior to their release.

If an offender tests positive at the time of their scheduled release, their release cannot be delayed. The offender’s family will be notified and the offender is expected to live in isolation until they are virus-free.

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