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With COVID-19 cases continuing to climb throughout the state, many Hoosiers are relying on the internet to do their Christmas shopping.

The only problem? It creates the perfect holiday storm for porch pirates.

More porch pirates are expected to be on the prowl this year, waiting for the perfect time to snatch the package off your doorstep.

Indiana State Police Jasper Post PIO, Sergeant David Henderson, explains what to do if your package gets stolen.

“If you arrive at your home and you notice that a package has been taken, call 911. The police will respond and take a report, investigate, and try to find out who took your package and recover it for you,” Henderson says.

Henderson says that once the police are involved, there is a process.

“Once you call the police, they will come to your house, take a report, find out what item was taken from you, where it was shipped from, and canvas your neighborhood. And then they will begin investigating the area to see if they can find out a description of the vehicle or person,” he says.

Taking matters into your own hands can lead to dangerous consequences. Henderson says that leaving it up to the police can keep you and your neighbors safe.

“If you do catch somebody on your property who is trying to take something, we don’t recommend that you confront them. Contact the police and let them confront the subject and apprehend them,” Henderson says.

Henderson says there are options to prevent these thieves from stealing your Christmas spirit.

“The first option is to make sure you know when the package will arrive and have someone there to pick up the package. The second option is having it delivered to a neighbor’s home if you know they will be home at the time. Your third option is that you could buy bags or a box that locks and have the UPS, FedEx, or US Mail but the items inside that box or bag,” Henderson says.

Even as a homeowner, there are ways you can help the police in catching the thief.

“It’s a good idea to have a ring system or some kind of video camera set up outside your house. That way, you can see when and where the package is brought,” he says.

If you something suspicious, no matter how small it might seem, Henderson says that reporting it could be the key to solving the crime.

“The old saying is ‘If you see something, say something.’ That way, we can keep everybody safe. And if you see somebody hanging around your house, call the police. We will come out and see what they’re doing at and around your property,” Henderson says.

For more information, contact your local law enforcement agency.

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