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Indiana fishing and hunting licenses are now available for purchase and are valid through March 31st, 2022.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources encourages those needing to purchase or renew their fishing license to do so online or through a local retailer.

Adventurers are also invited to brush up on their fishing skills at a nearby fishing spot.

The opening day of trout season for inland streams is Saturday, April 24th.

Guides to Indiana’s best values in outdoor recreation and fishing guides are also available online at

Free printed copies of each guide are also available at local retail outlets, state parks, lakes, state forests, and other DNR properties around the state.

A new property rule is also in effect and requires all fish and wildlife area visitors to sign in and get a one-day permit card before going into the field, regardless of activities.

This permit must be kept on hand while visiting the area and must be completed and returned to a self-service booth or dropbox before leaving.

For more information, visit

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