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Nature Conservancy Secures 1700 Patoka-Adjacent Acres Additional Leadership PositionsAnnounced by JASPER® Fertility Care Program New leader for State’s Agriculture Economic Development Division Norma Imogene Kiesler

The CEO at Eli Lilly says in the next decade one-third of traditional jobs in the state will be replaced by ‘idea jobs’ that need math and science, and he’s not sure Indiana will be able to keep up.  David Ricks told the Economic Club of Indiana yesterday that the state’s poor performance in the classroom is hurting Indiana’s future as a job creator.  He says the state’s business climate is good, but he worries that without better results from the state’s schools there simply won’t be enough skilled workers for the new jobs that are coming.  Ricks said only a third of kids in Indiana schools can pass the state test in math. Governor Holcomb yesterday said there’s always more work to do in education, but said Indiana should remain an attractive state for employers for years to come.

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