Dubois Man Arrested For Huffing

For the second time in the last month a Dubois man was placed under arrest for inhaling toxic vapors.

Around 5:30 Monday evening deputies with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department were called to the home of 18-year old Jace McKinney along the 4800 Block of the Jasper-Dubois Road by family members who were concerned that McKinney was huffing duster.

A deputy went to the residence and spoke to relatives. The officer also found an empty can of duster.

The officer spoke to McKinney, who admitted he had been huffing and was said to have admitted he was in need of rehabilitation.

McKinney was taken to Memorial Hospital in Jasper for clearance and was then transported to the Dubois County Security Center where he was booked on a misdemeanor charge of inhaling toxic vapors.

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