Police Dig Through Trash To Find Jewelry Taken From Nearby Store

Early in the afternoon on Wednesday Jasper Police received a report of a female shoplifter at the Impulse Home Store located on the square in Jasper. Prior to the arrival of officers to the location, the suspect had already left the store.

The suspect, who was identified as 24-year-old Teilia Hemmerlein of Jasper, was located by police at Libby’s Ice Cream Shop. Officers were able to make contact and question Hemmerlein about the alleged incident.

She denied the allegations of theft. Police conducted a search of her person, vehicle and belongings, however none of the stolen items were located.

Officers later looked into one of the trash cans at Libby’s and located two pieces of jewelry that was later identified as being merchandise from Impulse.

Hemmerlein later admitted that she did in fact throw those pieces of jewelry into the trash however she told the police she had acquired the jewelry legally and that it was a gift from a family member.

Police contacted the family member and the story was found to be a fabrication. Hemmerlein was arrested on charges of theft and booked into the Dubois County Security center.

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