Chief Deputy Tim Lampert Announces Intent to Run for Sheriff in 2018

Dubois County Chief Deputy, Tim Lampert, 48, of Jasper announces his intention of running for
Dubois County Sheriff on the Democratic ticket in the 2018 election.

Lampert is the son of Dennis and Linda (Recker) Lampert of Jasper. He is married to Jennifer
(Schwenk) of Ireland and has three children, Logan, Caleb, and Lexi.

Lampert is a 27-year veteran of the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department and is currently the
Chief Deputy. He was hired in 1990 as a jail officer and was promoted to a road deputy in 1994.
In 2011, he was appointed Chief Deputy. During his 27-year career with the Sheriff’s
Department, he has been involved in hundreds of investigations which include burglaries,
accidents, and deaths. He is a certified general instructor and certified firearms instructor. He has
trained hundreds of officers locally, at other law enforcement agencies, and at the Indiana Law
Enforcement Academy.

As Chief Deputy, Lampert has successfully obtained thousands of dollars from grants to provide
equipment and extra manpower hours to assist officers in removing drunk drivers and drugs from
the streets, an effort that increases community safety. As Sheriff, “I will continue to pursue
grants to bring State and Federal money to our county to save local taxpayer money and to
provide additional equipment for the officers to be able to do their jobs safely and effectively.”
He intends to pursue grant money to combat the drug addiction issues that Dubois County is
facing. “Approximately 45% of the jail population is incarcerated for drug and alcohol offenses.
I am interested in getting grant money to provide programming and treatment to incarcerated
individuals to help them understand their addictions and take the necessary steps to help
themselves; hopefully, this will result in a reduction of them returning to jail. I would also like to
focus on preventative measures, such as educating our youth about this serious problem.”

A few of Lampert’s current duties include the following: supervising all sheriff department
staff, assisting officers on day to day calls, maintaining training records for the department,
submitting reports for bias crimes, entering and maintaining warrants through NCIC (National
Crime Information Center) and IDACS (Indiana Data and Communications System) as well as
validating all entries into the system, and standing in as acting sheriff when the sheriff is

Lampert is involved in several community organizations and groups. He has been a member and
team leader of the multi-agency emergency response team, is currently the law enforcement
representative on the Dubois County Substance Abuse Council, and acts as a 911 Advisory
Board member. Lampert is an active member of the LEPC (Local Emergency Planning
Committee), Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team, NASP (National Archery in School
Program), NRA (National Rifle Association), FOP (Fraternal Order of Police), Dubois County
Sportsman’s Club – Jasper, and is a member of St. Mary’s Church in Ireland.

“With my vast experience and leadership skills, I believe that I am an excellent choice to serve as
the next Dubois County Sheriff.” Lampert said, “With the ever-changing situations and danger
faced by emergency professionals, I believe that the officers and citizens of this county deserve a
strong, experienced leader that holds their best interest in mind. The sheriff’s department
currently has many knowledgeable, hard-working, and dedicated officers. It is my intent to
utilize their unique and diverse experience and skills to continue making the sheriff’s department
effective and efficient, while allowing officers to reach their full potential.”

Lampert also stated “I believe in Respect, Honor, and Courage. I have the utmost Respect for the
people and their rights, Honor for those who serve and those who have fallen, and the Courage to
do the job we do every day to protect and serve the citizens of Dubois County. This is a
wonderful community to live in, and I intend to do my best to ensure it remains a safe place to
reside and raise our children.”

Lampert can be reached at with any questions or concerns.

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