St. Anthony Woman Ends Up In Jail After Accident Involving Ambulance

One person was jailed on a pair of charges that included possession of drugs and Operating While Under the Influence of a controlled substance after being involved in a two vehicle accident Thursday morning at the Bretzville Junction that involved an ambulance with Dubois County EMS.

Deputies with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department say at around a quarter after 9 am yesterday 20-year old Austin Hagan of Chrisney was north bound on State Road 162 in a 2009 Chevrolet ambulance while at the same time 23-year old Riva Stenftenagel of St. Anthony was west bound on State Road 64.

Authorities say as the ambulance being driven by Hagan approached the intersection the light turned red. They say Hagan disregarded the automatic signal and proceeded through the intersection on the red light.

Stenftenagel proceeded through the intersection west bound with the green light, and was struck by the ambulance.

Deputies say the impact as a result caused the Stenftenagel SUV to spin around and come to rest in the northbound lane of Highway 162 facing south while the ambulance came to rest in the east bound turn lane facing north.

At the time of the accident a patient was being treated in the rear of the ambulance by 49-year old William Luebbehusen of Ferdinand. That patient was taken to Memorial Hospital in Jasper by another ambulance dispatched to the scene.

Deputies say because Luebbehusen was treating the patient he was not belted and was injured.
Stenftenagel had her two children in rear of her SUV at the time of the crash in child safety seats, which authorities say lessened their injuries greatly.

4-year old Kaia Stenftenagel suffered pain to the neck while 16-month old Zane Schneider suffered an abraison on the right side of his chest.

Now while Riva Stenftenagel was being treated by Emergency Services for her injuries which included a complaint of pain to the head and neck, she told deputies on the scene that her license and registration were somewhere in her vehicle.

While attempting to locate her registration, deputies found marijuana and a subsequent blood test at Memorial Hospital showed Stenftenagel tested positive for marijuana.

After her release from Memorial, she was taken to and booked into the Dubois County Security Center in Jasper for Possession of Marijuana and Operating while on a controlled substance.

Meanwhile Hagan who suffered an Abraision to the wrist was cited for disregarding an automatic signal.

Deputies were assisted at the scene by Saint Anthony First Responders, Ferdinand Police and Memorial Hospital Emergency Medical Services.


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