WWE Hall of Famer Returns To Santa Claus to Answer Christmas Letters and Meet Fans

He lost an ear in Germany, was named King of the Deathmatch in Japan, and became a household name as Mankind in the United States, but now since WWE Hall of Famer and New York Times Best Selling Author Mick Foley has brought his hardcore professional wrestling career to a close, he has found a new passion. Entertaining families across the county as Jolly Old Saint Mick.

Foley made a stop on his book signing tour at the Santa Claus Museum & Village this past Tuesday to sign and speak about his new book, which is his fifth memoir, “Saint Mick: My Journey from Hardcore Legend to Santa’s Jolly Elf”. In his book, Mick speaks about how the iconic character of Santa Claus means so much to him and how being able to become Santa came along at a time where a life time of injuries prevented him from doing something he loved, which was wrestling. Now, Santa Claus fills that void and brings forth joy to Foley, his family, and the people he encounters. Mick describes the book as finding the best of oneself in unusual places.

Foley happens to find the best in himself as he becomes the legendary Santa Claus and brings joy to families all across the country. He says its amazes him that as he travels across the country, fans that were born ten years after he retired from wrestling recognize him. Mick says seeing the Christmas Joy in a child’s eye gives him the same feeling he felt when he would wrestle in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Foley visits Santa Claus, Indiana quite often, seemingly making yearly visits to the special southern Indiana town, whether it be for a comedy tour, a book signing, or to visit Holiday World. Foley visited the town two times during the time he was writing his book to be in a place the embodies Christmas Spirit and says it’s one of his favorite places on earth to visit. This time around, Mick, along with other Santa’s Elves, helped answer letters to Santa. In recent years, the Elves have responded to an average of 20,000 letters annually, sent by children living all over the world. Mick loved his time answering letters to Santa, saying that he spent months perfecting his Santa penmanship, and showed respect to the volunteers that answer year round.

Foley was also presented with a replica Jim Yellig Santa Claus Hat by fellow Santa Claus Ambassadors.

Foley is donating a portion of his book sale proceeds to Santa’s Elves Inc., a group of dedicated volunteers who have been helping Santa answer letters for over 100 years.

The Elves are headquartered at the Santa Claus Museum & Village in Santa Claus.

The Santa Claus Museum & Village is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Santa Claus and perpetuates the tradition of Santa’s Elves, Inc. by answering letters to Santa.

So what’s next for Jolly Old Saint Mick? He’s preparing to suit up and make this Christmas Season better than the last.

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