18-Year Old Arrested in Connection with On-line Threat Against an Evansville High School

18-year old Brandon Lee Jones

Evansville Police made an arrest in connection with on-line threats against “an Evansville high school” on Friday after a threat was posted on Facebook late last week.

Police received a tip about a post under the name of Kaleb Jenson. The tipster said they were concerned with a comment that was posted on an Evansville Watch thread.

The thread originated on February 12th, but the comment was left at 9:50 on Thursday night. The post read-

“since Florida lost some people, it’s time for somebody else to (sic) I’m shooting up one of the Evansville High Schools tomorrow”

Investigators determined the IP address in Vanderburgh County was where the post originated from. Working with Evansville Vanderbrugh School Corporation officials, police were able to determine that Central High School student 18-year old Brandon Lee Jones lived at that address.

Jones was located at Central and taken to police headquarters. During an interview, Jones admitted to creating the fake Facebook account on February 14th. He told investigators he posted the comment with the intent of causing school to be canceled on Friday.

Jones told police that due to multiple absences, he was concerned he would be referred to court if he missed anymore school days. Jones indicated there were no other factors that caused him to make the threatening statement.

Police do not believe anyone else was involved in the case. Jones was arrested for Felony Intimidation and Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct.

He was booked into the Vanderbrugh County Jail.

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