Current Dubois County Prosecutor Anthony Quinn Announces his Re-election Candidacy

Anthony Quinn, has announced his re-election candidacy for the office of Dubois County Prosecuting Attorney.

Quinn has practiced law in Dubois County for over 19 years, having served over 13 of those years as either a deputy, chief deputy and currently as your elected prosecutor.

He believes his experiences as an attorney, both as a prosecutor and in private practice, are essential in leading the prosecutor’s office and with his knowledge and training in prosecution he has sharpened his skills to be efficient in handling criminal cases.

Quinn is the son of Ted and Joette Quinn and was born and raised in Dubois County. He currently resides in Jasper with his wife Brandy and their 4 children.

Graduating from Northeast Dubois High School in 1990, he completed his education at the University of Southern Indiana, and Valparaiso University School of Law.

Upon completion of the bar, Quinn returned to Dubois County where he has practiced law since. In his personal time, he enjoys numerous outdoor activities and working on his small family farm. He is also a member of several conservation organizations that seek to improve the quality of habitat for wildlife.

Currently serving as a board member of Indiana Prosecuting Attorney Council he is also a member and past President of the Dubois County Bar Association, and a founding and current member, of the Dubois County Drug Court.

As an elected prosecutor, he continues to participate and is an active member of the Dubois County Community Corrections Advisory Board, Dubois County Multiple Disciplinary Team, Southwest Indiana Child Advocacy Coalition, Dubois County Substance Abuse Council, Dubois County Child Protection Team, Dubois County Child Fatality Review Team, and is assisting in forming a Sexual Assault Response Team.

Quinn said “Working with community leaders, medical staff, service providers, and law enforcement, gives me hope and excitement for the future of our youth and communities. Dubois County is a great place to live and I intend to do all I can to keep it that way.”

Quinn continues to support local law enforcement with funds to purchase needed equipment and training saying,

                       “While I have been in office, we have made great strides in serving and protecting the                          citizens of Dubois County. The Dubois County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office works hard in                          collaboration with all local law enforcement to make our community a safer place to live, work,                  and raise a family, by holding those accountable for the crimes they have committed. However,                  not everyone charged with a crime is a bad individual or needs to be incarcerated. In fact, the                    majority are good, productive citizens who have made a mistake in judgment and/or are                            addicted to controlled substances, or suffer from a mental illness. While being held accountable,                we give them an opportunity to makes changes in themselves and their lives while receiving the                appropriate treatment. Certainly, I take my obligation to protect the community very serious.                      Those who commit crimes against children, crimes of violence, sex crimes, dealing of controlled                  substances, and other offences that demonstrate a person’s lack of rehabilitation, are the                            offenders I believe should be incarcerated.”

He added, “It is an exciting but challenging time to be a prosecuting attorney. I look forward to, if given the opportunity, to lead this office in the years ahead.”

If re-elected he says that he himself along with his experienced and skilled staff, are prepared to make the necessary decisions to protect the citizens of Dubois County.

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