Huntingburg City Council Hears Presentation on Trash Collection Study

Monday night the Huntingburg City Council listened to the final presentation from Derek Duran, from Indiana University on his Trash Collection Study for the city.

Duran’s study broke down the current cost on the city and residents for current trash collection activities; from the strain on city streets from garbage trucks to the cost of stickers and mileage some residents experience.

The data went on to provide the city with three possible paths; keep the status quo, switch to a vendor system, or a city-wide trash pick-up system.
The latter two paths feature the breakdown of regular trash pick-up if recycling was included. The best option came from the city-wide path, with the plan saving the average resident $1 to 2 dollars per month.

Recycling included would have some extra cost, but still will net some positive gains. Duran’s recommendation was for the city wide path with recycling included, which he saw was an added benefit that some residents would like to have access too.

Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner commended Duran on the work he put into to his research, and says this information can be helpful to the council as they make a decision in the future.

No decision was made Monday night. The information given to the council will be studied for a future consideration on the issue of trash collection in the city of Huntingburg.

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