Northeast Dubois School Board Holds August Meeting

Northeast Dubois School Board met last night for their monthly meeting.

The meeting started out with the approval of Vouchers #94880 through #95048. After this, the regular meeting was closed and a Budget Hearing was opened.

During the Budget Hearing, it was noted that the 2020 budget that was advertised on July 29th of 2018. This budget included the Capital Projects and Bus Replacement Funds in Gateway and on the Corporation’s webpage. No public comment was made.

It was after this that the Budget Hearing was closed and the Initial Hearing for the Teacher Compensation was opened.

Public testimony was taken during the hearing pursuant to Indiana code 20-29-6-1 (a) regarding teacher compensation and collective bargaining. No public comment was made.

It was after this that the Teacher Compensation hearing was closed and the regular meeting was reopened.

Following the hearings, the Teacher Appreciation Grant Policy was approved, as in done yearly despite having no changes. Other approvals were a Field Trip for the Boys Tennis Team to travel to participate in a tournament at Evansville North High School, as well as giving the Maintenance Department a Clothing Allowance and several hires throughout the school district. NEOLA policies were updated and also needed to be approved.

The final item that was approved was an updated mileage reimbursement policy. If a staff member travels between buildings or for the classroom/student purposes, those should refer to Federal Guidelines. If a staff member attends a workshop or conference, they should use a corporation vehicle. If for some reason a vehicle is not available and they use a personal vehicle, they will be reimbursed at the Federal Guideline level. If a staff member willingly uses a personal vehicle, they will be reimbursed 50%.

One late item was addressed. It was approved that the High School Pool that is in need of maintenance be fixed by Chester Pools, the company that originally put in the 1970s.

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