Jasper Bulk Leaf Collection to begin Monday

The Jasper Street Department will begin curbside bulk leaf collection on Monday, November 1st.

Residents are asked to keep their leaf piles close to the road or curb, but NOT directly in the street or curb. Jasper Street Department Commissioner, Jeff Theising, explains why.

“Don’t put them in the street. They become a traffic hazard, especially in some of the narrower streets in town. If you put them in the street, then it becomes a one-lane street, and then that’s a traffic hazard. If put them in the curb or road and a storm comes, they could clog the inlets and cause flooding and more problems. So please put them behind the curb,” he says.

Putting the leaves in the right spot also helps the Street Department out a lot. Theising tells us exactly where that sweet spot is.

“If you can keep it [the leaf pile] within four feet of the back of the curb, that would help us a bunch. The truck and vacuum that we use are about 40 feet in length. So again, if you put them in the street and then park two cars and give us 20 feet between the two cars, we won’t be able to get them because we can’t reach in between there with the vacuum,” he says.

The only thing that should be in your pile is leaves. Theising says other items can damage their machines.

“Some people like to put limbs and trash in there, and that only hurts our equipment. If one of our machines goes down, it will take us longer to get you,” he says.

Leaves must be raked & available for pickup no later than 7:00 a.m.

Residents are asked to be patient during this time, as there will be no set day as to when your leaves will be picked up.

The collection workers will make their way around the city on a daily basis.

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