Dubois County Council Person Mary Beckman seeks District 2 seat.

Dubois County CouncilpersonBeckman seeks open County Commission District 2 seat vacated by retiring Commissioner Elmer Brames.

Mary E. “Becky” Beckman, first elected in 2014 to represent District 2 on the County Council, is seeking the Dubois County Commissioner District 2 seat in the 2022 election.  “I listen, learn and work for the people of Dubois County.  I believe in governance over politics because the Dubois County government is us.  All of us. Yes, the Election process is political, but the job of the Commissioner is not.”

In her eighth year as the District 2 County Council representative, Beckman, 68, a Democrat, retired in 2019 after 18 years as the Director of TRI-CAP’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, 7 years as the organizer of the Diamond Tour/TRI-CAP RSVP Bus Trips and the co-organizer with Dale Helmerich in 2002 for the ongoing Dubois County Medication Collections. Beckman is presently a part-time Process Center employee with the Dubois County Solid Waste Management District.

Beckman’s collaborative work for Dubois County’s common good, includes service on the Dubois County Tax Abatement Committee, American Rescue Plan Act Study Committee, Vote Center Study Committee, Community Solutions – Criminal Justice Study Committee, and County Liaison for the Jasper Downtown Revitalization Committee.

Beckman led the County Committee for the 2020 Census in which Dubois County rated first in the State for self-response. She is an active participant with the Dubois County Public Health Partnership’s Mental Health Committee, Latino Collaboration Table, LifeSpring’s Residential Treatment Center Advisory Committee, the Covid Memorial Project in honor of the people of Dubois County, and the Dubois County Community Foundation’s Grant Committee.

A lifelong member of St. Joseph Church in Jasper, Beckman serves on the Bereavement Luncheon Team, as a TRI-CAP RSVP volunteer, Election poll worker, and is the President of the Northwood Condominium Homeowners Association.

“I have been honored to serve the residents of Dubois County for the past eight years as a County Commissioner,” said Brames. “As I retire at the end of my second term, I cannot think of a better choice than Becky Beckman to fill the spot. I have worked side by side with Becky on many county projects such as an employee satisfaction survey, a wage/benefit study, the creation of an HR department and the hiring of a director, the study of criminal justice reform, and many other projects.  Becky has always gone above and beyond what was expected of her as a councilperson, digging into issues and sitting on boards, making sure the county operates efficiently and effectively.  Before being elected councilperson and many times since, Becky made it a practice to visit all county departments, making sure she understood their needs and concerns before making relevant financial decisions.”Continuing, Bramesstated, “Becky has earned the respect of her district through countless ways and the district responded by rewarding her with re-election in 2018. Her dedication to countywide service started long before she was elected. Since 2002, Becky has been working with law enforcement to provide a place for residents to safely dispose of potentially dangerous medications. This example truly shows her desire to work on behalf of the residents of Dubois County. I proudly endorse Mary E. “Becky” Beckman for the Dubois County Commission District 2 seat.”

“Commissioner Brames has set a precedent for the county commission. His professionalism, sincerity, and work ethic allowed the residents to reap many rewards,” said Beckman, “and I would like to continue in that tradition. My public service is both a personal obligation and a privilege. I love this County and I have been blessed abundantly for just being a citizen.  I am a lifelong Democrat who believes in running on my merits and not local, partisan issues.  Again, I ask you to hold my feet to the fire.”



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