Courthouse Square Infrastructure and Revitalization Project Update

A second pre-construction meeting regarding the Courthouse Square Infrastructure and Revitalization Project was held on Wednesday, May 25th with representatives of Ragle Construction and the City of Jasper. Here is the summary of the discussion:

Move in will begin Tuesday, May 31 with water line construction to follow.

Chad Kempf was named the site supervisor.

Kempf will introduce himself to businesses in the construction area next week to give information about the project.

Traffic cones and flaggers will be used as necessary during waterline construction. No planned street closures.

Water line scheduled to be completed by July 4th  and construction on the Northeast Quadrant (Phase 1) will begin after.

Signage will reflect traffic movement changes as construction in the Quadrant begins.

Foot traffic will be maintained at all times.

Each Quadrant will take about 2.5 months to complete with the completion of two quadrants (NE & NW) by Thanksgiving.

No construction after Thanksgiving through the first part of 2023.

Meetings with contractor representatives will be held bi-weekly with next one scheduled for June 15.

Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) maps, parking maps, and schedule details will be provided on the City of Jasper’s website,, as soon as they are available.

For specific construction questions, please contact the City of Engineering Department at 812-482-4255.

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