Jasper High School Tiny House Auction

There was an open house that happened yesterday afternoon at Jasper high for a school-built and designed Tiny House.

The tiny house will also be auctioned off online from now until May 24th at 11 am. The auction will benefit future Jasper High school Tiny Home building projects.

This was a student-led project and I spoke to some of the students that helped make this possible.

Reese Fleck a sophomore an Jr Project Lead at Jasper High school had this to say about being a part of this Project

Anna Underwood and Brynne Brosmer Juniors at Jasper High school, who both helped in the interior design spoke about what this project means to them.

Lastly I spoke with Marianna Green business/ and finance manager and Tanner Erny the Marketing and PR Manager talk about the talent of the students and support from community.

The house will continue to be auctioned off online until May 24th at 11 am.

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