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The mayor of Jasper is firing back at a Jasper City councilman’s remarks published yesterday in a local newspaper.

In a story in Thursday’s Dubois County Herald regarding the possible recount and or vote by the current Jasper Common Council to decide who will be the city’s mayor come January 1st, city councilman at-large Randy Buchta was quoted in the paper criticizing current Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz.

Of course Tuesday the election between the Republican incumbent Seitz and Democratic challenger Wayne Schuetter ended in a deadlock of 1856 votes a piece. Independent candidate Joshua Budd finished the election with 190 votes.

Now the candidates or party chairmen have until Nov. 20th to request a recount of the votes. Both Seitz and Schuetter say they have yet to decide wether or not to ask for a recount.

Dubois County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe says that if the certified results remain tied, the City Council would have to vote by December 31st on whether Seitz or Schuetter becomes mayor.

While most of those councilmen mentioned in the story said they were not sure what their vote be, Buchta however was quite clear his vote will favor Schuetter.    

In the story Buchta went on to say quote, “There are so many things that go on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t know.”  Buchta said, “Seitz has good intentions, but the way he goes about it isn’t right. I really believe that there were things going on that if the people knew, they would have voted against him, I guarantee you that.”

In his response to Buchta’s comments released to the media early this morning Seitz said quote:

“As a private citizen of Jasper I chose to enter public life four years ago to become mayor of the city I love. Along the way, each of my campaigns have been conducted respectfully and ethically.

After a first term in office I stand in the unprecedented position of being in a tie vote for re-election. The potential tie-breaking action is a vote by our Common Council.”

Seitz continued saying quote, “In an article published by The Herald on Thursday, November 5th, Councilman Randy Buchta made insinuations calling into question my integrity – not as a candidate – but as your Mayor.  Charges such as these crossed a line from a campaign to an egregious assault on the city’s highest office. Unfortunately, these accusations insult not only me, but my entire family, and they cannot be dismissed lightly.

Seitz concluded his statement saying, “Perhaps Councilman Buchta is just disappointed he lost on Tuesday. Or perhaps he actually meant what he was quoted to have said. Regardless, the allegations are defaming and I am calling for him to make a public retraction and to issue a public apology to me, my family, and the citizens of Jasper we both represent.”

Buchta finished third in a pool of 4 candidates for the two at-large spots on the Jasper City Council.

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