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Today is International Women’s Day  and one of the spotlights for our local Dubois County women this year is Julie Dutchess. In an interview with Dutchess, she spoke about her 40 years experience with Kimball Electronics and her enthusiasm of reaching various people around the world.

“I can’t think of any other woman in our county who has a bigger global reach than Julie, as HR Vice President for a soon-to-be billion dollar company”, said Kimball Electronics Communications Director, Scott Saalman about Julie Dutchess.

Her promotion to HR Manager in 1987 made her the first woman on Kimball Electronics’ leadership team.

Dutchess spoke about her career journey that has evolved and allows her to travel the world, as a matter of fact Dutchess is in Romania this week. She spoke about how being a leader in her field allows her to be a mentor leader for others in places such as Romania a recently established location for the company.

She reflected on her 1st trip outside the country in representation of Kimball Electronics and the significance of portraying the company’s culture.

***Tune in at 7pm to 18WJTS-TV to view the full featured interview with Julie Dutchess, HR Vice President at Kimball Electronics in Jasper. (Story will be extended on this website after it airs) ***


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