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Sergeant First Class Robert Barth, a U.S. Army Recruiter based in Evansville says it’s an amazing and big decision future soldiers make as they choose to enlist to the army. He shares how he reached his rank through E1 through E4 of private training through the specialist position that’s reached within the first two years and then college and military education is needed in order to accomplish the rank he achieved as Sergeant.

Sergeant First Class Robert Barth, United States Army Recruiter.

The 39-year old who was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and has been stationed in the Evansville recruiting center since February of 2015 with over 20 years invested in his army career, elaborates on the significance of what training provides for the future solider in his or her daily life before moving forward to basic training.

Sgt. Barth and other recruiters drive up from Evansville to Jasper to lead physical training every Wednesday afternoon for the Dubois County recruits.

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Sgt. Barth with the future soldiers during training.

At a physical training session last night, those taking part included 18 year old Adam Niehaus and 17 year old Kayla Kippenbrock both from Southridge High School, 19 year old Clair Scherle who is a current Southridge graduate, 17 year old Blake Leinenbach from Jasper High School, and 17 year old Christopher Colson who recently graduated from the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy.

Currently there are 10 Dubois County future soldiers and a pool of 30 in any given time from Southern Indiana overseen by the Evansville office.

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Future Soldier Claire Scherle is from Huntingburg with a Military Occupational Specialty (M.O.S.) in the Military Police.

Future solider Claire Scherle can foresee continuing her education in the Army and once she retires from the military she aims to become an Agriculture teacher locally.

During her high school years she served as a Future Farmers of America officer for 2 years. Scherle states one of the reasons for enlisting to the Army.

Future soldier Scherle says that jobs in the army are called M.O.S. (Military Occupational Specialty), and her current M.O.S is with the military police. Being in the Army wasn’t always her aspiration but the dedication grew on her and it became part of what she strives to accomplish.

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Private Christopher Colson from Huntingburg will be heading to basic training on May 17th to Fort Benning, Georgia.

Private Christopher Colson describes his family’s support as positive when he announced he wanted to enlist to the military and that his family could see how enlisting in the army could guide him to be a better version of himself and they are supportive of that. Private Colson elaborates on the impact of being a future soldier from Dubois County and what that symbolizes.

Since he was younger Colson always stated that being in the Army has been something he always wanted to do. He plans to continue his education by achieving 2 bachelor’s degrees, one in communications and the other in criminology.

Untitled presentation (15)Colson ships to basic training on May 17th then to Fort Benning, Georgia for 14 weeks.

His contract is for 3 years but he plans to stay until he retires within 20 years.

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