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County by county unemployment numbers for the month of September are out and highlighted by a drop of three tenths of a percent from August Dubois County once again leads the way with the state’s lowest unemployment mark.

The county’s rate last month came in at an even 3 percent, just one tenth of a percent lower than Indianapolis suburb Hamiltion County who also saw a drop of three tenths of a percent.

Across the state, Indiana’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained steady at 4 and a half percent in September from August.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development says that’s below the national average of 5 percent. The state’s businesses added 10,100 new jobs in September, bringing Indiana’s total private sector employment to more than 2.65 million.

The department says Indiana businesses have added 161,800 new jobs since January 2013. September marks the 15th consecutive month that private sector employment has remained above Indiana’s previous employment record from March 2000.

Now once again as we mentioned Dubois County had yet again the state’s lowest unemployment rate last month at 3 percent.

Daviess County is not far behind at 3.2 percent. Spencer was 3.8. Martin, Pike and Warrick Counties were all tied at 4.1 percent a piece. Perry 4.3, Orange 4.8 and Crawford County’s September unemployment rate was at 5.1 percent.

Lake County in the Northwest Region had the state’s highest unemployment rate last month at an even 6 percent.

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