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The Huntingburg Eagles and Huntingburg Volunteer Firefighter, John Beadles, recognized the 9 year old boy who alerted his family of smoke coming from inside their home as they slept.

On Tuesday of last week a house fire was reported on Washington street as 9-year old Corey Anderson alerted his Mother Vanna Lauer and her husband Brandon Lauer of the blaze after smelling smoke in the residence.

Anderson shares his actions after he noticed the the smoke.

John Beadles told those on hand on Saturday that he was proud of Corey as he showed quick action and bravery to save his family who was asleep at the time the fire broke out. Beadles also reminded everyone to use cautionary measures to ensure they have smoke detectors in their homes.

The Huntingburg Fire Department found there were no smoke alarms in the house that was being rented by the family of Brandon Lauer, the property is owned by Frank Altmeyer of Huntingburg. While the damages to the house was not severe the house is not habitable at the moment.

Heather Taylor, Kim Steffen, Chelsea Hopf, and other member of the the Huntingburg Eagles are in charge of the kids club and also take initiative on working hard to help their members in time in need who have suffered a tragedy such as the house fire.

Taylor elaborates on the organizations philanthropic efforts.

Taylor noted they are proud of Corey for his actions and after hearing about the fire the organization bought necessities for the children and family such as clothing.

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