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After a lot of anticipation, the Crossroads Behavioral Health Services is officially open. Formally known as St. Joseph Hospital, the new and improved facility now has a state of the art 16 geriatric psychiatric inpatient hospital. This provides a wide range of new mental health services to southern Indiana residents.

St. Joseph Hospital has sat empty since 2007. Shana Weyer, the Admissions Manager at Crossroads Behavioral Health Services says this is exactly what the hospital needed.

“St. Joe’s is about to make a big comeback as Crossroads Behavioral Health Hospital, and they are ready to make a positive impact on the community once again by partnering with other healthcare professionals and the community in an effort to help local seniors,” she said.

The facility will primarily serve seniors, age 60 and older. Weyer explains those who come in would be at the hospital for about two weeks.

“They would come in for about 14 days and we will have a psychiatrist and a medical doctor here daily to help them on the right track, and get some medications adjusted, and provide them with the tools to get them back home,” she said.

The $10 million facility would not be possible without contributions made by the Mahmood Family.

To celebrate the opening of the new facility, Huntingburg Mayor Dennis Spinner, the Mahmood family, Shana Weyer, and Beth Mehringer, the Hospital Administrator were given the honor of cutting the ribbon at the grand opening.


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