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Yesterday we told you about the first half of Amanda Ackerman and Brea Mullen’s documentary journey. Now here’s Brea’s side.

After the girls made a promotional video for a Study Abroad Program event, they were asked to make the documentary.

Mullen says it all felt like a dream.

For Mullen, this was the first time out of the country. She says being in a new culture helped her gain a new perspective.

The weather was one of their biggest challenges. Since camera rain covers are expensive, Mullen says they had to improvise.

And those homemade rain covers came in handy right away. Mullen says the sky opened up on the first day during a crucial interview.

Because they kept the camera rolling the entire time, there was a lot of editing to be done.

Mullen says editing took almost 11 months. Once they finished, they submitted it. Then it was time to wait.

When the students found out they actually won, Mullen couldn’t believe it.


The documentary trailer is on the UE Youtube channel.

WNIN-PBS will air the entire documentary on October 3rd at 8 am and on October 5th at 9 pm. All times are central.

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