Ferdinand Town Council holds monthly meeting; approves electric rate increase

The Ferdinand Town Council discussed several topics at Tuesday night’s monthly meeting, including one that could have a large impact on Ferdinand residents.

The council approved a rate increase for Ferdinand Municipal Electric Utility customers.

For residential customers, this is a 12.5% increase, which is about a $9 increase in their monthly bills.

However, it is different for businesses. An average business customer will see a $25 increase in their monthly bills, which is a 19.5% increase.

According to the Ferdinand Town Council President, Ken Sicard, this is the first-rate increase residents have seen in 11 years. And he says it is much needed.

Sicard says they took their time looking at the groups to keep the rate as low as possible.

And this was just one topic discussed at the meeting. The council also adopted their 2020 budget of $2,087,668, with a tax rate of $0.8025 per an assessed value of $100.

Sicard explains more.

The Jasper Parks and Recreation Department also updated the council on the Old Town Lake Project. Sicard says the project is coming along quite well.

The Town Council is holding a special meeting on November 6th at 5 pm to organize payments for the Old Town Lake walking trail project.

Towards the end of the meeting, the council talked about the Ferdinand Folk Fest. And Sicard says it was a huge success.

The festival season continues this weekend Rosenvolk Medieval Festival at 18th Street Park.

For more information, head to rosenvolk.com.

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