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Kids will be loading up on candy this weekend. But before they start unwrapping the sweet treat, the Indiana State Police is encouraging parents to take a look first.

Troopers recently made a bust in Northern Indiana and found marijuana edibles. In many cases, these look almost identical to the original candy.

Indiana State Police Jasper Post  PIO, Sergeant David Henderson, explains what specific word to look for.

“Make sure the packages don’t say ‘medicated’. If they say ‘medicated’ anywhere on the package, don’t let your children get near them,” Henderson says.

If your child eats a piece of the tainted candy, Henderson says to act quickly.

“If your child happens to ingest a piece of candy that you think is tainted or has something illegal in it, call Poison Control or your local hospital immediately,” he says.

But these dangerous candy look-alikes aren’t the only things that pose a danger during Halloween.

“If your child receives candy or a package that looks like it has something foreign like a razor blade or a piece of metal in it, please disregard it and call the police. If you can, tell them where your child got the candy,” Henderson says.

If you happen to get a piece of candy that looks suspicious or might contain an illegal substance this Halloween, Henderson says to give the Indiana State Police a call at (812)-482-1441 or contact your local police department.


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