Katie Gullquist wins 39th Annual WBDC Country Showdown

The 39th Annual WBDC Country Showdown took place last night June 10th at the Jasper Arts Center.

There were 13 acts competing for the 1st place title for $1,000.

3rd place, winning $100, went to- Tony Patrick of Marion IN

2nd place, winning $250 went to-  Bubba wiggles of Linton IN

And 1st place, winning $1000 went to- Katie Gullquist of Evansville IN

The showdown is an opportunity for singers around the region to prove their talent and be involved in a friendly competition. This is what Katie said this title meant to her.

A concert cannot just have a performer, it takes a good crowd to be a success…here is Katie telling us how the crowd was during some of the acts.

This year’s judges included Chris Camp, Kyle Lueken, and Amanda Tempel.

The 39th annual WBDC Country Showdown was backed by “The Dusty Miller Band” –featuring Dusty Miller, Craig Brown, Richie Chubb, Lee Hoefling, Jeff Vanderplough, and, Jake Miller

The WBDC Country Showdown also featured:

Eliana Weston of Northern Indiana

Annabel Whitledge of Robards, KY

Ash of Paducah, KY

Robert Reutman of Celestine, IN

Rottet Family of Jasper, IN

Neil Buechiein of Bedford, IN

Callie Powell of Jasper, IN

Kilbuck Creek of Northern Indiana

EV Mae of Jasper, IN

Tylynn Allen of Ramsey, IN

If you couldn’t make it in person, there is no need to worry! WJTS will be airing the entire WBDC Country Showdown at 8 pm on Thursday, June 24th, and at 6 pm on Sunday, June 27th.

18 WJTS is available through an antenna or through your cable service provider.

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