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Jasper won its Final Four round of the Strongest Towns Contest. Now, the city advances to the championship round against Norwood, Ohio.

The championship begins Monday with a live webinar featuring a Q&A with representatives of both towns. Online voting for the championship kicks off after the webinar Monday at 3 p.m. Central Time.

Jasper’s Mayor Dean Vonderheide will represent the city in the online event, titled The Championship Round Live Webinar. To register to view the webinar, click here. Following the live event, a recording will be posted on Strong Town’s YouTube channel.

To vote for Jasper in the Championship round, visit, and look for the link to vote. A direct link to voting will be posted after the webinar. Voting closes Thursday, April 7 at noon Central time.

Please share the link to vote on all social media channels with #JasperStrong2022.

Strong Towns is an organization that advocates bold and different thinking toward building better cities and towns by focusing on taking small incremental steps, embracing a process of continuous adaptation, and learning to stop valuing efficiency and start valuing resilience. It is about taking new approaches to be sure cities and towns are making smart moves toward supporting their growth without adding significant financial burdens. You can learn more about Strong Towns at and remember to vote for Jasper.

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