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The Jasper Police Department has seen an increase in the amount of counterfeit money over the past year. We want all of our Community Partners to be protected, so remember to take a second look at bills that don’t look or feel quite right.  If you are in doubt, please contact the Jasper Police Department simply do not accept the questioned bill as payment. Counterfeit money can be in any denomination. Here are just a few things to look for.


Incorrect or uneven borders

Incorrect size

The same serial number on multiple bills

Chinese or other foreign markings on the bill

Bills labeled “Motion Picture Money”

Look for the security strip by holding the bill up to a light source.

Currency Marking Pens- The US Treasury prints money on linen paper. Most counterfeiters use wood-based paper. These pens will determine the paper type.

There are other more complicated ways to detect a counterfeit bill, but these are some of the best ones to detect a fake bill when you are in a hurry.

Just remember, if you have any doubt, please contact the Jasper Police Department at 812-482-2255 or your local Police Agency.  I have attached a guide with further information for identifying counterfeit currency

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