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Kimball Electronics’ 2022 Dubois County Making A Difference Awards Astra Event invites local Non-Profits To Join the “Elevator Speech Challenge” and Allows the Audience to Help Choose a Charitable Grant

Kimball Electronics Gives (KE Gives) is giving 501(c)(3) non-profit worthy causes based in Dubois County an opportunity to win a grant equal to half the proceeds (minus expenses) raised during its 2022 Dubois County Making a Difference Awards event at Astra Theatre on Thursday, Oct. 13, beginning at 7:30 p.m.The event is open to the public.

As previously announced, the event will also recognize student essays and videos tied to community outreach and helping others in need.

During the live “Elevator Speech Challenge,” charity representatives will have one minute to tell the audience about the purpose and needs of their organization. An elevator speech explains an organization’s purpose in a way that any listener can understand in a short period of time.

Audience members will vote on which presentation touched them the most. The recipient of the most votes will earn that night’s grant.

The charities must be based in Dubois County and meet the same KE Gives eligibility guidelines applied to winners during its annual fall granting event in November. Charities cannot be affiliated with political parties. Charities tied to religious denominations can participate if the grant is used for a specific project that helps others in need in the community and promotes inclusiveness (it cannot be used for general operational expenses, etc.).

Charity representatives interested in participating should email Scott Saalman ( send a message via the Kimball Electronics Facebook page by Monday, Oct. 10. Those who don’t contact Saalman by Oct. 10 will not be eligible to participate.

The remaining money raised at the Astra event will be applied to KE Gives grants that benefit various worthy causes this fall.

Admission to the event is $10 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the Astra beginning at6:45 p.m. when doors open for the event that night.

“This year marks KE Gives’ fifth anniversary. To celebrate, we want to again recognize Dubois County students for their acts of kindness and giving to those in need. We also thought this would be a great time to help local non-profits showcase their needs and services and allow attendees to help select one of several charitable grants to be awarded by us this year,” says Scott Saalman, a spokesperson for KE Gives.

KE Gives consists of employees who volunteer to be Partners by paying an annual membership fee. To date, KE Gives has given more than $33,000 in grants to charities in various Kimball Electronics communities.

During the event, finalists and first-place winners of the Dubois County student essay and video contests will also be announced. Students in Dubois County, as an individual, team, or class, are encouraged to perform a project that makes a positive social impact for others in our communities (or for the environment) before or during September—and then capture it on video as part of a video contest.

Both student contests include five school-age categories: Kindergarten; Grades 1-3, Grades 4-5; Grades 6-8; and High School. Videos should be creative and be 1 to 3 minutes long.

Students are also encouraged to participate in a written essay contest, separate from the video contest, that also promotes helping others and/or the environment. Essays must be 300wordsorless and based on one of the following themes: 1) How I Personally Made a Positive Difference in My Community. 2) A Person I Most Admire Who Helps Others In Need. 3) The Charity I Believe in the Most — and Why? 4) How Can We Help The Earth For Future Generations?

There is no fee to enter a video or essay. The deadline for either student contest is Oct. 3. Email the videos and essays to

Keynote Speaker for the event is international professional underwater photographer Alex Rose. Alex, of Chicago, will speak about how she infuses her talents, skills, and passions to make a difference for the world’s oceans. Alex is a biologist, diver, musician, and underwater photographer. She is the Science Editor of Ocean Geographic Magazine, the Managing Editor of Ocean Geographic Explorers, and the Founder of ocean conservation company Blue Ring. Her goal is to find ways to protect our world’s precious marine habitats through diving, writing, photography, education, and research. Alex is a living example of the value of STEM. One of her underwater photos recently won the Judge’s Choice Award in this year’s Ocean Conservancy photo contest.

Admission to the event is a $10 or more donation per person, paid at the Astra. If you pay by check, please make your check payable to Breanne Hasenour. All proceeds, after expenses, will go to worthy causes. Doors open at 6:45 p.m.The Astra is located on Jasper Square at 517 Main Street.

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