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On Thursday evening the SWDC School Board held their monthly meeting. The Board recognized and thanked several donations including a $12,000 donation to the food service fund from the family of Ora Lee Cotton, as well as, a $10,000 donation from the estate of Verla Flick to the Southridge High School Business Education Fund among others.

Several personnel changes were addressed and discussed and future field trips taken by the four schools across the district were also talked about.

CFO Allison Pund and President John Menke also talked about the “Tuition Reimbursement Payback Agreement” where educators that were helped in going back to school to get their Masters and license would be required to pay those funds back to the Board should they leave the district before an allotted time.

Vice-President John Schroeder made public comments about the resignation of Superintendent Tim LaGrange, who gave notice last month:

“I just want to say publicly, again I know he’s not here but thank you to Tim LaGrange. He served us very very well over the last several years. I think he, you know going on the record, I think he has done a very good job. I think he’s got our school corporation in a place now where we’re very stable, very successful, and we have a lot of right pieces in place. We look forward to continuing this journey forward and we wish him well. “

LaGrange has accepted a position with a school corporation in Washington State. At this time, no replacement has been publicly announced, however, the Board has been speaking to potential candidates.

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