Weekend Car Accident

A Dubois man was cited by police after his vehicle went out of control and hit a parked car Sunday afternoon along East 15th Street near Green Street in Jasper.

Jasper police say just after 2:30 pm yesterday 20-year old Logan Ruckriegel of Dubois was headed eastbound along the 700 Block of East 15th while an unoccupied car police say was registered to 35-year old Stephanie Secino of Jasper was parked along the southside of 15th.

Ruckriegel told police he heard a loud noise and his vehicle began shaking uncontrollably near the intersection with Greene Street. He said his car suddenly pulled to the right, causing the front to strike the rear of Secino’s car.

Police estimated damage to Ruckriegel’s car at 5-thousand dollars while damage to Secino’s was listed at 3-thousand dollars.

Ruckriegel was ticketed by Jasper Police for having an expired plate.

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