LEPC Hazmat Table Top Exercise has Nice Turn-out

A group of over 50 local emergency responders gathered at Memorial Hospital to take part in a table top exercise of dealing with chemical or hazmat protocol and response.

The pre-preemptive discussion table top exercise was in preparation for a full scale exercise that will be held in 2018. The evening focused on unifying agency response, along with making responders more informed on locations of potentially dangerous materials.

Those in attendance where presented a scenario followed by the appropriate response and notification, should Dubois County ever suffer an exposure to hazardous materials.

In a more common scenario the county could face would be in the use of semi trucks or train cars carrying loads of chemicals that could spill and having the know how to responded will improve the safety of the area residents.

Don Heim, with the Huntingburg fire department and hazmat team director, shares what the first responders will know after attending the program.

The full scale training that will take place in 2018 could likely feature a more action realistic scenario, the development of a safety plan and identifying training needs.

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