Police Face Indecent Proposal while Navigating Intoxicated Man to Jail

Sunday evening police responded to multiple calls that proved to be false and resulted in an arrest and a charge of prostitution.

On Sunday evening, just after 6 pm, Jasper Police were dispatched to 2603 Newton Street in reference to a 911 report by John Layman, that he was being held against his will at that location. On the first initial visit officers attempted several times to make contact with occupants of the residence and locate anyone at the residence but were unable to do so.

Forty minutes later officers were again dispatched to the same residence after dispatch had received another call from Layman, who reported this time that his girlfriend had locked him in the bathroom and was forcing him to stay there against his will.

Upon the second visit to the apartment, police tried to make contact several times. However, again, no one answered the door and fearing for Layman’s safety officers attempted forced entry into the home. This caused a curtain to fall from the window on the inside of the entry door were officers were able to see Layman and a female standing next to one another.

Police reported that Layman stated that everything was okay and he was only kidding. Police than spoke with both parties and found that Layman had not been held against his will.

Layman was placed under arrest for false informing and unlawful reporting on a 911 system. During his arrest, Layman was found to be highly intoxicated and was taken to Memorial Hospital for medical clearance but before he could be taken to jail Layman offered on of the arresting officers $100.00 to perform a sexual favor, thus adding another charge of prostitution before finally being lodged into the Dubois County Security Center.

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