Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce host 2019 State of the City and School Address

City of Huntingburg Officials and members of the public made their way to Huntingburg Old City Hall Thursday morning.

Two well-known leaders of the Huntingburg Community spoke at this year’s 2019 State of the City and School Address, hosted by the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Denny Spinner was the first to the podium, to give the City of the State Address.

Spinner reflected on a few city accomplishments, like the opening of Market Street Park in October, the opening of the Crossroads Behavioral Center in May, the groundbreaking for the Wagon Works Apartment Complex, and the relocation of the city’s Street Department.

The Mayor also announced they’re working on a new comprehensive plan called “You’re Home—You’re Huntingburg.”

This new plan will create new visions for the city, ideas on how to grow the city in the future, and long-term development.

A steering committee will meet next week and discuss a project.

A public meeting will be held on July 25th to gather input from the community.

Mayor Spinner also says it is an honor to lead Huntingburg for another term.

The Mayor says there’s still a lot to be done.

Mayor Spinner ends his address by saying he promises to make Huntingburg a unique city.

After Mayor Denny Spinner gave the City of the State Address, Superintendent Tim LaGrange stepped to the podium to give the State of the School Address.

Superintendent LaGrange began the address by talking about new hires in the school system.

LaGrange then goes into what being a teacher is like during the summer months.

According to the Superintendent, about 80% of their certified staff are involved with professional development this summer.

Depending on the type of development, some programs last two weeks, and some last longer. Some staff members are doing boot camp this summer in manufacturing.

LaGrange explains corresponds with the teacher shortage.

The Superintendent says he’s excited for the upcoming school year, wants to make a few changes to make the school system better as a whole.

LaGrange says living up to their motto is incredibly important when making these changes.

At the end of the address, both community leaders thanked everybody for coming and said how they love working in an environment where the community has their back.

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