Branchville Custody Office Named Rookie of the Year

A Branchville Custody Officer has been named the Indiana Dept. of Correction Rookie of the Year

Branchville Correctional Facility and Warden Kathy Alvey congratulate Custody Officer David McNeely on his Rookie of the Year nomination and win.  

McNeely, who began his career in corrections on January 7, 2019, was honored with the Rookie of the Year Award at the Commissioners Awards held in November at Clifty Falls State Park.  

McNeely, was eligible for Rookie of the Year award, having been employed by the IDOC for one year or less.  In the short year that he has been at Branchville, he has demonstrated outstanding performance and commitment as a custody officer.  He displays a positive attitude when on the job, is innovative, and considered a role model for other employees.  Officer McNeely is well respected by his superiors and fellow officers. 

Warden Kathy Alvey stated that Officer McNeely was chosen out of all the new officers in the State of Indiana and that they are very blessed to have him as a part of the BCF team.

McNeely was nominated by all the Captains at Branchville Correctional Facility.  

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