Dubois County couple accused of locking daughter in cage reach plea agreement

The Dubois County couple accused of locking their daughter in a cage has reached a plea agreement.

Dentist Alan Fritz and his wife, Aimee, were arrested in 2017 for allegedly keeping one of their daughters in a cage at night.

They each entered pleas to two counts of neglect of a dependent as Level 6 felonies with convictions entered as Class A Misdemeanors.

We’re told this also requires the couple to be supervised for a period of time.

The couple were originally charged with 11 felony counts of neglect and criminal confinement.

The sentencing order states the couple are prohibited from contacting the victim.

Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn says although this seems like a lenient resolution, the plea was offered with the input of the victim, her guardians, and others working with her.

Quinn tells us that it was a difficult decision to offer this plea…but in the end, it’s about the victim.

Having the victim testify to a jury does not serve her best interests.

The prosecutor hopes she continues to thrive in her new environment and continues on the path of healing.

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