Ohio River Scenic Railway Hosts Cowboy Train Robbery

A train robbery in Troy this past weekend left families with smiles on their faces and cowboys in their places.

The Ohio River Scenic Railway held its first train robbery event this past weekend. Riders hopped aboard the train at the Tell City Train Depot and took a ride before cowboys took over the train, leading to a shootout in Troy.

As said before, this was one of the first train robbery events that the Ohio River Scenic Railway had tried out. Cowboys and Pinkertons had a classic western standoff in a clearing right off the Ohio River. After it was all said and done, riders hopped back on the train for the ride back.

The Ohio River Scenic Railway is an extension of the Perry County Visitor Bureau. Train robberies aren’t the only thing that the railway offers.

Executive Director of the Perry County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Betty Cash says that people come out just to ride a train by the river.

Starting this weekend is a series of Easter Egg Hunts that the railway will offer, which will run for several weeks.

Don’t worry, if you want to see a train get robbed by cowboys, you’ll get another chance. Head to OhioRiverTrain.com for ticketing information.

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