Jasper Strassenfest Half Pot Winners Announced

Jasper Strassenfest Half Pot Winners Announced

The Jasper Strassenfest Committee has announced that winners have come forward to claim the Half Pot Prize.  After confirmation that the ticket was valid, John and Patty Schroeder met with committee members at the Jasper Chamber of Commerce to claim the $50,050 prize.  A photo of the Schroederswas included on an announcement posted to the Jasper Strassenfest Facebook page.

In its second year, the pot total reached $100,100. A large portion of the proceeds will benefit the Vincennes University Jasper Scholastic Excellence Scholarship Fund to benefit local students.  The scholarship includes tuition, a laptop, and $500 book stipend.  The winning ticket draw took place on Wednesday, August 10that the Jasper Chamber of Commerce.

Half-pot winner, John Schroeder, said that he heard the winning number announced on the radio and quickly jotted it down to check later. When one of his numbers matched he was shocked and called the Jasper Chamber to confirm before sharing the good news with his wife, Patty.  They were among the first to purchase tickets when attending the Dubois County Builders Association in May.

Lifelong residents of Jasper, John, and Patty were quick to support the Strassenfest and Vincennes University Jasper after learning these two organizations would receive a large portion of the proceeds.  They were happy that their money would benefit some great causes, yet didn’t expect it would end up benefitting them as well.  They say they will keep an eye out for the 2023 half pot sales to start and plan to keep their winning strategy of buying tickets early!

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