Rossina Sandoval Monsivais Wins 2022 Athena 10th Annual Award

Four outstanding women were honored for their achievements in life and service to the community with one being named the 2022 Athena Award recipient for Dubois County.

The Jasper Rotary Club named Rossina Sandoval Monsivais the 2022 Athena 10th Annual Award winner Yesterday Evening at the Athena Awards Banquet.

Rossina Winner of the Athena Award had this to say about what it means to get this award.

She also gave some advice for future generations in the community and made sure to thank a few people.

This year’s ATHENA International Award finalists were: Joyce Beck, Rossina Sandoval Monsivais, Mary Leah Siegel, and Patricia “Pat” Thyen.

In addition to honoring this year’s finalists and winners, keynote speaker Mrs. Patricia Koch, Founder of the Santa Claus Museum and Village gave a speech.

A portion of the funds raised from this year’s event will go toward a charity of choice, decided by the ATHENA Award Recipient.

Monsvais choose the Life Spring foundation as her Charity of Choice.

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  1. Julie Dutchess | August 19, 2022 at 3:02 PM | Reply

    Thank you WJTS for your continued support of this event. Great job capturing Rosina’s passionate comments.

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