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Those responsible for the recount of votes for the November 3rd Jasper mayoral election are scheduled to be sworn in with the recount itself to follow Monday morning.

Special Judge Dean Sobecki of Daviess County will swear in Republican representative Merrill Osterman, Democratic representative Art Nordhoff and Jefferson County Clerk Karen Mannix at 8:15 am on Monday.

Mannix, the Jefferson County Clerk will serve as the mechanic. She was chosen due to the fact that Jefferson County uses the same type of micro-vote equipment and the no ink electronic poll pad same as Dubois County and has working knowledge of both systems.

The recount will take place in the Pfaffenweiler Room in the lower level of Jasper City Hall. The recount process is open to the public, meaning anyone can attend and watch.

Last month’s election between Republican incumbent Terry Seitz and Democratic challenger Wayne Schuetter finished in a deadlock of 1,856 votes apiece. Independent candidate Joshua Budd finished the night with 190 votes.

On November 16 a lawsuit was filed by Indianapolis attorney’s David Brooks and Samantha DeWester in Dubois Circuit Court on behalf of Seitz asking for a recount of ballots in the race and also for the option of holding a special election.

State law says the recount must be completed by December 20th.

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