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Indiana State Police and the state police Emergency Ordinance Disposal Unit or bomb squad responded to a residence on Melchior Drive in the Christmas Lake Village in Santa Claus this morning to assist county units with a complaint of a bomb threat.

Sgt Philip Hensley with the Jasper Post in a release says the scene has been secured and the item was recovered and made safe.

He says there is no threat to safety.

Hensley says the issue was two-fold. Safety to the victim and urgency to detain the suspect.

He says there have been prior incidents reported by the victim to law enforcement within the last week, and ISP officers on the scene believed they had a suspect but wanted to detain him prior to information regarding the case going public.

Hensley says they will be issuing a release delving into the details in this case as soon as it is possible once more information is available.

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