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A second set of bids has been opened and are being considered for the Huntingburg Fourth Street Heritage Trail Project.

Bids for the project ranged from $3.74 million to $4.16 million with four companies bidding. The are being considered by the city’s board of public works and will be decided on at their next meeting.

The Fourth Street Project includes creating a more aesthetically pleasing streetscape with planters and trees as well as additional seating and a walking/running/bike path in the city’s iconic downtown. Businesses would have more access to space on the sidewalk for additional outdoor seating and flexible parking spaces included in the plans would allow for the creation of different formats for specific events or functions.

With the update, the street will also be able to be used as a community focal point for subsequent events like street fests and concerts.

Besides the aesthetics and increased functionality of the street, the updates will fix storm water issues that have plagued building owners for years.

The project is funded through grants from the city’s designation as a Stellar Community as well as city funds and local donations.

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