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Last night the Huntingburg City Council held a public hearing in regards to a proposal to take part in the Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program.

The program will give low-income households the opportunity to receive funds to rehabilitate their homes. Targeted households include: the disabled, the elderly, households with children under the age of 6, single parent families, and veterans.

14 potential households will be chosen, so far the city has received 22 applicants for the program. The funds would not have any catch or payback requirement.

The proposal will have the city enter into a contract with Southern Indiana Development to act as administrator for the program, receiving in the process 20%, as well as funds for lead removal services, from the potential grant of $350,000.

Southern Indiana Development will receive $82,950 for their services. Part of the grant requirement will have the city pay up to $39,000 toward the program, the exact amount to be determined at a later date.

With no questions from the public, the hearing was closed and the council voted to enter into the contract, contingent on the city receiving the grant. The grant recipients are expected to be announced in March.

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