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New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration but the chances of tragedy striking increase with drinking and driving.

City, county and state police agencies are hoping for the best tonight, but are ready to deal with the worst.

Every year, increased arrests are made on that one night, people are seriously injured, and people are killed in operating while intoxicated traffic accidents.

Many police officers have called New Year’s Eve “Amateur Night”. The reason is that people who don’t normally drink in excess other times of the year or even drink at all, seem to take this one night of the year to splurge. The cost for this over-indulgence can be devastating.

In Indiana:

A blood/alcohol content of .08% or above is considered impaired.

Any amount of Schedule I or II drugs in your system (marijuana, cocaine, meth, prescriptions, etc.) can be considered impairment.

Or a combination of drugs and alcohol causing impairment.

A serious vehicle accident can land you, or one of your passengers, not to mention passengers in other vehicles involved, directly in the Emergency Room or Morgue.

The classic “It won’t happen to me” is a myth. You don’t want to be hurt and you don’t want to hurt others. The pain and suffering will heal over time, but the guilt of injuring of killing one of your own friends or a stranger will never go away.

PLEASE! On this New Year’s Eve, use designated drivers or ride-share services, stay where you’re at to celebrate, or simply just don’t drink then drive.

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