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Tuesday night the Huntingburg City Council passed ordinances to provide Patoka Township with Fire Services for $26,000 and Parks and Recreation services for $12,000.

In addition the Council passed an ordinance to provide Fire and Police services for the Dubois County Airport Authority for $3,500 each year.

The Council passed a resolution to Adopt the Dubois County Mitigation Plan. It is the 3rd plan the city of Huntingburg has approved, which is approved every 5 years.

Passed projects benefited by the Dubois County Mitigation Plan include; Beaver Lake Dam, the brim around the wastewater plant in Huntingburrg, U.S. Economic Development Administration and Disaster Recovery Funds, the Community Storm water project in Dubois, and the relocation of Huntingburg’s Street Department.

Currently Huntingburg has a Stormwater project list as a future project as part of the mitigation plan. This was brought forth to the council by Dubois County Emergency Management Director Tammy Humbert and Lisa Gehlhausen, the Executive Director of Indiana 15 Regional planning Commission.

Also Tuesday night, the Huntingburg Council re-elected At-Large Councilman Tim Wehr as the council’s president pro tem. Wehr will run meetings in the absence of Mayor Denny Spinner.

And the Huntingburg Council appointed a committee to review proposals from companies wanting to update the city’s comprehensive plan.

The committee includes councilman At-Large Tim Wehr, Mayor Denny Spinner, Community Development Director Rachel Steckler, Planning Director Paul Lake and Huntingburg Redevelopment Commission member Helen Camacho.

A request for proposals was recently sent out. The proposals are due back by February 4th.

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